How to Go About Dating Older Women

This article is for all the men out there who are looking to date older women.

AKA – COUGARS.  Grrrr…

Cougar Dating

Not this type of cougar, silly.

When it comes to dating older women there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Although there are specific benefits which cannot be found with younger women, there are cons as well which may prove to be a deal breaker for some and at times can be hard to deal with especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with cougars.


This accounts for emotional heart breaks and weight that the woman has been carrying around for years. Although there is a chance that she has gotten over most of it and has reached a point in her life where she can be pleased with herself, chances are that that is not the case. If she is forty years old or above, she could very well be harboring a great deal of past negativity which she is not going to show at the first meeting but which will pop out at later intervals making dating her altogether unpleasant.

The older woman may also have kids, a divorce in process and lots of money related obligations she has to take care of. She will also be working, possibly full-time and depending on her profession may only be able to give you a limited amount of time. If you are the needy sort, you will find yourself continually dissatisfied.

Social Stigma

There is another major con to this sort of potential relationship which impacts some people more than others. Generally most people do care about what other people think especially their close friends and colleagues which may make a relationship with an older woman hard to handle.

Dating is enough stress without the thought of upsetting society thrown into the mix. The initial stress and adjustment may be too much for you handle and that will possibly end the dating altogether.

Even if this sort of arrangement is accepted where you live, most people will still choose to talk behind your back and pass unpleasant remarks. The solution to this is to develop a thick hide and ignore such behavior altogether.

If you find you are happy with the older woman you are with, you need to focus on making that work rather than choosing to please everyone else at the cost of your personal happiness. Dating a slighter older woman can be fun as well as she will have more experience in just about everything and may be the best lover you have ever had.

If you have the desire to go down this road to date cougars, this post explains more.