WTF Is Sex Messenger?

I’ve been meeting with lots of people over the last couple of months and when doing so, we talk about various dating applications that seem to be up and coming today. One of the apps that have been talked about frequently is Sex Messenger. Truth be told, I didn’t know what the hell this even was when I first heard of it. My guess is that you don’t know what it is either.

Most importantly…

I want you to know what it is and why you should avoid using it!

Yes. You heard that right!

what is sex messenger

What Is Sex Messenger And Why It Sucks

The Sex Messenger app is actually a software that you download onto your computer. It is one that’s 100% free to download, but that doesn’t make it absolutely incredible. In fact, just the opposite. If you’re using a piece of software that you download to your computer, you have no idea what it’s doing to your machine and personal data. I’ve been using this software and have not had a pleasant time doing so. I’d have to say that they go as far as manipulating things and showcasing fake hookup options to users.

These are scamming practices that I absolutely do not condone or agree with, not even in the littlest bit.

How It Works

The first thing you do is download the messenger. Once that’s done, they ask for you to provide your personal information. The site claims that it’s to help better match you with users but I don’t buy that at all.

Once you’ve provided your information, they then try to get you to put your credit card information into their system. You’ll be required to do so if you want to communicate with the other users partaking in the sex messenger conversations. The problem I have with this is quite simple. Think about it, how many people to do you think actually use this product and upgrade? My guess is not many at all!

Now, the girls and guys on the app that are showcased are pretty damn hot, no doubt about that. They don’t waste any time trying to showcase ugly girls and guys. Nope, not at all. Trust me, there’s no real dating network that has all hot people. It’s impossible. Ugly people like to have sex too.

What about cost?

The site charges way too damn much money for the full usage of this sex app. I can’t even begin to explain how upset I was when I upgraded and was charged close to $100 for absolutely nothing.

I would advise that you stay away from this site at all costs if possible. One thing you’ll also want to do is check out some other reviews written on sex messenger. If you don’t you’ll be sorry for not taking further action and time to research things.